Reading Football Club have issued an apology to Cardiff City fans after they were accused of 'homophobic and racist' chanting during the first half of the FA Cup fourth round tie between the two clubs.

A message was read out over the tannoy system in the first half, stating that chanting deemed to be of a 'homophobic and racist nature'' had been heard from the away end.

Cardiff released a strong-worded statement yesterday, claiming that 'inaccurate or mis-informed reporting' had harmed the club.

Part of the statement read: "We are extremely disappointed that Reading Football Club chose to label the behaviour as racist and homophobic (of which there has been no evidence).

“We also question their protocol and procedure on the day and welcome a full investigation into its use for the benefit of both our clubs and indeed British football.

“We are also very disturbed and concerned with some of the subsequent press and media reporting on this matter.

“Cardiff City Football Club is fully supportive of the efforts being made to banish racism, homophobia and other prejudices from our game and feel that inaccurate or mis-informed reporting harms and dilutes this critical messaging and the work football does within diverse communities in our city and its surrounding areas."

In response, Reading have released a statement of their own, apologizing to the 'overwhelming majority'of supporers who behaved 'impeccably' during the game. 

 "Two isolated incidents of discriminatory abuse in the South Stand were reported to our Safety Officer in the Control Room during the first half of our FA Cup Fourth Round match against Cardiff City on Saturday afternoon.

"As a result of a statement taken by the police that afternoon, it was deemed there was sufficient evidence to arrest four Cardiff City supporters for alleged racist chanting under the Football Spectators Act. To justify any arrest, there needs to be reasonable grounds.

"The four individuals have all since been interviewed and released under investigation. These alleged incidents continue to be fully investigated by the Thames Valley Police and we will continue to assist the authorities with these investigations.

"No further reports of discriminatory behaviour were received during the course of the tie.

"As indicated on the day of the game, these incidents were isolated, restricted to a small number of individuals and affected only a minority of supporters attending the match. There was certainly no intention to tarnish the reputation of the travelling support on the day, Cardiff City Football Club nor its fanbase in general, who in the overwhelming majority behaved impeccably at the weekend.

"We would like to apologise to all supporters of Cardiff City Football Club who played no part in any discriminatory abuse and feel that their character has been blemished unwarrantedly by the announcement which was made over the PA system at Madejski Stadium.