Reading FC manager Mark Bowen admitted he was 'stunned' to land the role as manager at the club following the dismissal of Jose Gomes.

Bowen initially came into the club in March as technical advisor before moving to a new role as sporting director in the summer.

Having been a coach and assistant manager for the past 20 years for the likes of the Wales national team and Manchester City, Bowen has now landed his first management gig, much to his surprise.

He said: "I was told of the decision about Jose and then I was asked to go through the process of drawing up a list of candidates for the owner and the board, which I was in the process of doing.

"I don't mind admitting that I had already spoken to two or three candidates in that process so it hardly rings true of someone who thinks the job is going to come to me.

"Then I got a phonecall over the weekend along the lines of that the owners have had a look at things and they wanted as little disruption as possible.

"The only two people who have left the club are Jose and his assistant [Jorge Mendonca] so it was put to me that the least intrusive way of doing things was would I like the job and to pick an assistant.

"I was stunned to be offered the job as I was going through the process of trying to highlight who would be best to take over but the owner makes the decisions and he asked me if I wanted to take the position and straight away I said "absolutely"."

Bowen has appointed Eddie Niedzwiecki has his number two and he feels that the former Wales goalkeeper will be the ideal fit at the club.

He added: "Eddie is going to come in and I have worked with him for the last 20 years and he is a magnificent coach, a fantastic coach and I am sure if you ask a lot of players what he is like over the years, there won't be too many disparaging views of Eddie.

"I am very lucky that he has agreed to help me and this club going forward.

"There are still four Portuguese lads here, the physio, the analyst and it is about the least disruption as possible."