Like many of you, I was duped into believing that Reading FC have finally turned a corner.

After what feels like years of pain and disappointment, seven points in the space of the week appeared to be the start of something special under Jose Gomes.

But following an embarrassing performance against Scott Parker’s far superior Fulham FC, it would appear Royals are still stuck in the same rut they have been in for years.

With 10 games gone and just two wins under their belt, Gomes’ side find themselves just a point above the relegation zone and fortunate that there have been three worse teams (again).

An exciting summer filled with excellent additions to the squad had everyone feeling upbeat about what was to come.

But even with all individual quality in the world, and as Liam Moore quite rightly put it on Tuesday night, it’s teamwork that will win you games.

There are flashes of fluidity but players are not getting back quickly enough, people are being pulled out of position without anyone to cover them. We have seen it all before but nothing changes.

I am not aiming this at any one player, but it is all well and good coming out after a game and giving the generic quotes about teamwork, fighting spirit, philosophy etc which your media department has encouraged you to say, but when are we actually going to see it?

When are we actually going to see a team play with confidence? When are we going to see a team fight for each other and play as a unit? How many record-breaking signings is it going to take to go on a winning run?

It has been far too long, and people are becoming fed up with being fed the same old dross week in and week out.

The manager coming out with quotes like “we’re not going to lose again this season” does not help the cause either. What a silly thing to say, something I can only assume was lost in translation.

It is still early on and there are plenty of games to go, so I think it is too early for panic stations and certainly too early to be calling for the manager’s head.

But supporters are rightly becoming impatient with the same old story, so it is time for Jose Gomes and the Reading FC playing squad to take a long, hard look at themselves and finally turn this rut around.