QUEEN Anne's pupil Ella Botha was in record-breaking form at the Reading Town Championships held at Palmer Park.

Her time for the Under 14 girls' 1,500m of 4min 58.1secs was more than four seconds faster than the previous best time, which was set by Katie Trewhella (Kendrick) in 2005.

With Katie Losel leaping to the high jump title and the sprint relay quartet also winning, the Caversham school were joint winners with Highdown of the U14 team event with 41 points.

Queen Anne's were runners-up to Abbey in both the U16s and U13s competitions.

Meet organiser and Reading & District Schools Athletic League secretary Brian Day said: "I would like to pass on my thanks to all those who made it a successful day. The athletes were great and hopefully enjoyed the event.

"We are extremely grateful to all the staff who covered the field events, track judging and recording, which made the event run very smoothly. Special thanks to our two timekeepers, Mark Balchin and Carolyn Walker.

"This was the last Town Championship to be held under the existing format after 46 years. We will be announcing the changes later."


75m: M Corbu (Highdown) 10.4sec; 150m: A Ahmed (Reading School) 21.2sec; 300m: T Kirby (Reading School) 48.3sec; 600m: H Lewis (Denefield) 1min 48sec; 1,000m: A Crerar (Denefield) 3min 27.6sec; 4x100m relay: Reading School 55.3sec; High jump: C Tietema (Reading School) 1.24m; Long jump: A Matthews (Reading School) 4.28m; Shot: J Boyce (Prospect) 7.56m; Discus: E Stiles (Denefield) 14.80m; Javelin: J Delaney (Denefield) 18.83m; Team totals: Reading School 52pts, Denefield 46, Highdown 42, Hugh Faringdon 42, Prospect 34.


75m: L Fox (Abbey) 10.7sec; 150m: F Williams (Denefield) 20.9sec; 600m: C Westacott (Abbey) 1min 48sec; 1,000m: L Ryan (Queen Anne's) 3min 23.5sec; 4x100m relay: Denefield 57.5sec;

High jump: M Beaud (Abbey) 1.33m; Long jump: E Rex (Highdown) 4.16m; Shot: D Gurung (Reading Girls) 6.74m; Discus: C Bassham (Reading Girls) 15.16m; Javelin: E Mirembe (Reading Girls) 15.72m; Team totals: Abbey 41pts, Queen Anne's 36, Denefield 33.5, Highdown 27, Hugh Faringdon 22, Reading Girls 22, Kendrick 14.5, Prospect 14.


100m: R Haughton-Parris (Hugh Faringdon) 13sec; 200m: O Johnson (Prospect) 26sec; 300m: S Boakye (Hugh Faringdon) 43.2sec; 800m: G Skeil (Reading School) 2min 37.3sec; 1,500m: B Rizzo (Reading School) 5min 23.5sec; 4x100m relay: Hugh Faringdon 52.3sec; High jump: J Johnson (Denefield) 1.43m; Long jump: K Roberts (Wren) 4.60m; Triple jump: D Joshi (Hugh Faringdon) 10.08m; Shot: D Cowen (Denefield) 8.95m; Discus: E Goodwin (Reading School) 17.09m; Javelin: H Ruse D'Eye (Reading School) 28.65m; Team totals: Hugh Faringdon 51pts, Reading School 49, Prospect 46, Denefield 41, Highdown 30, Maiden Erlegh Reading 18, Wren 8.


100m: A Gibba (Hugh Faringdon) 13.8sec.; 200m: K Slater (Denefield) 28.4sec; 800m: R Cooper (Highdown) 2min 44.7sec; 1,500m: E Botha (Queen Anne's) 4.58.1sec (cbp); 4x100m relay: Queen Anne's 56sec; High jump: K Losel (Queen Anne's) 1.41m; Long jump: E Lukes (Highdown) 4.07m; Shot: E Gray (Reading Girls) 7.84m; Discus: C Williams (Prospect) 17.67m;

Javelin: M Nijjar (Kendrick) 17.93m; Team totals: Highdown 41pts, Queen Anne's 41, Hugh Faringdon 35, Abbey 26, Kendrick 23, Reading Girls 17, Denefield 13, Prospect 9, Maiden Erlegh Reading 4, Wren 0.


100m: S Koroma (Hugh Fardingdon) 11.7sec; 200m: A Keating (Denefield) 24.3sec; 400m: A Cook (Denefield) 55.3sec; 800m: A Gupta (Reading School) 2min 19.4sec; 1,500m: B McCabe (Reading School) 5min 08.5sec; 4x100m relay: Denefield 48.7sec; High jump: C Murtagh (Hugh Faringdon) 1.81m; Long jump: H Gardner (Denefield) 5.84m; Triple jump: E Miburo (Maiden Erelgh) 11.43m; Shot: W Lockwood (Reading School) 9.45m; Discus: T De Smidt (Leighton Park) 22.28m; Javelin: Z Watkins (Prospect) 26.07m; Team totals: Reading School 57pts, Denefield 43, Hugh Faringdon 35, Prospect 31, Maiden Erlegh 30, Highdown 27, Leighton Park 19, Wren 6.


100m: M Sommerville-Bailey (Leighton Park) 13.6sec; 200m: M Raczkevy-Eotvos (Abbey) 28sec; 300m: M Jani (Abbey) 48.1sec; 800m: I Bridge (Abbey) 2min 42.8sec; 150m: M Skeil (Queen Anne's) 5min 16.76sec; 4x100m relay: Maiden Erlegh 54.5sec; High jump: L Lister (Abbey) 1.53m; Long jump: P Winters (Queen Anne's) 5.05m; Shot: T Chandler (Denefield) 9.36m; Discus: A Manase (Maiden Erlegh) 28.58m; Javelin: J Long (Abbey) 21.14m ; Team totals: Abbey 42pts, Queen Anne's 36, Denefield 27, Leighton Park 26, Maiden Erlegh 25, Highdown 21, Prospect 19, Kendrick 16, Hugh Faringdon 12, Wren 1, Reading Girls 0.