READING Racers took their second Southern Development League win in a row against Milton Keynes Knights in another match which failed to run its full course on Wednesday.

After rain cut the previous week's match to five heats, this time it was the curfew at Birmingham's Perry Barr stadium as the clock hit 10pm before heat six got underway.

With the score standing at 23-7 in the Racers' favour, the outcome was beyond doubt, but both teams were disappointed at not getting in their full quota of rides.

In heat one, the Racers pair of Kieran Douglas – making his debut for the team – and William O'keefe sped from the gate to lead, only for O'keefe to fall on the fourth bend first time around.

The home pair of James Spencer and Craig Osborne passed him as he lay on the track, but he remounted and eventually passed both riders to score a maximum advantage for the his team.

Heat two was stopped after race leader Elliott Kelly was forced to lay his bike down to avoid riding into home man Sam Boon, who had fallen in fourth place and failed to clear the track.

The referee awarded the race in the order the riders were placed at the time of the stoppage, with Kelly getting three points, his team mate Rhys Laker getting one, and Knights' Stephen Whitehouse sitting between them for two points.

With Reading leading by six points, Kelly again sped from the tapes to complete an untroubled win, while Laker rounded Spencer in the first bend to take another 5-1 and put the match score at 14-4 to Reading.

There was some delay to the fourth race getting underway as Boon's machine failed before the start, exceeding the two-minute time allowance.

He attempted to make it back out on a different bike to start from a 15 metre handicap, but again ran out of time, leaving the race with three riders only.

Douglas blasted to his second win while his partner O'keefe also made a good start to follow him home ahead of Whitehouse.

The score now standing at 19-5 it became clear the match would not be completed, but there was time for one more, as O'keefe completed the match unbeaten by an opponent while Laker gave chase to Whitehouse for second, getting within striking distance but unable to make a pass.

With Knight's number two Osborne at the back it was another heat advantage to the visitors leaving the final score 23-7.

After a disappointing start to the season in which they lost their first two matches, the Racers have now won their last two, but in both cases will feel they could have further improved their points difference if the respective final races had taken place.

They now sit amongst four teams on four points in the table, ahead of a home match against Exeter Falcons on June 27th.

RACERS have made a change to their roster, with 18-year-old Lewis Whitmore replacing Kent rider Jamie Couzins.


MK Knights 7

J. Spencer 2, C. Osborne 0, S. Boon 0, S. Whitehouse 5.

Reading Racers

K. Douglas 6, W. O'keefe 7+2, E. Kelly 6, R. Laker 4+1.

Heat Details:

Heat one: Douglas, O'keefe, Spencer, Osborne.

Heat two: Kelly, Whitehouse, Laker, Boon fx.

Heat three: Kelly, Laker, Spencer, Osborne.

Heat four: Douglas, O'keefe, Whitehouse, Boon ex.

Heat five: O'keefe, Whitehouse, Laker, Osborne.