Twyford produced a fine comeback to beat Farley Hill 65-57 in a friendly featuring four mixed rinks.

Scores: Mike Meeks, Kevin Boles, Peter Gaskell, Ann Pope 23-4; Dave Luscombe, Debbie Boles, Ann Harris, Gordon Wheeler 18-14; Carol Hook, Mary Wheeler, Steve Chamberlain, Neil Patchin 12-15; Brett Sedlacek, Tony Turner, Phil Rose 12-24.

In a five mixed-rinks triples game, Twyford lost to Burghfield 78-70.

Scores: Steve Chamberlain, Alan Wrigley, Tina Scherer 9-17; Terry Bardwell, A.Harris, P. Hynes 20-13; Brett Sedlacek, Jenny Hynes, Gordon.Wheeler 16-16; Mary Wheeler, Kevin Harding, Phil Rose 11-19; Debbie Boles, Kevin Boles, Jan Walker 14-13.

Twyford also lost to Trentham 70-46 in a four mixed-rink triples friendly.

Scores: Brett Sedlacek, Pearl Leavey, Barry Carter 10-14; Steve Chamberlain, Mary Wheeler, Gordon Wheeler 11-20; David Payton, Tina Scherer, Phil Rose 10-21; Jean Bennett, Neil Patchin, Jan Walker 15-15.