LIAM Moore has confirmed Reading FC's owners have refused to sell him despite a 'fair and substantial' offer being made.

Moore shocked Reading with an official transfer request just days before the season started.

It came after Brighton & Hove Albion made several bids which fell short of Royals' valuation for Moore.

The 25-year-old admitted he thought Brighton's offer was reasonable and asked to leave the club.

But owner Dai Yongee stressed Moore not allowed to leave the club at any price.

Moore said: "After a few weeks of uncertainty of my future I can finally speak out and confirm I am staying at Reading.

"In the past I have always made it clear my ambition was to return to the Premier League.

"When a substantial and fair offer was rejected I privately requested to leave the club and take the opportunity to play at the highest level.

"I would like to stress I believe I have been professional throughout and was interested in taking a forward move just like everybody wants to do in their job.

"Having spoken to Mr and Mrs Dai, their passion and love for this club is incredible. Mr Dai has told me it's not about the money and he wouldn't let me leave the club for any price.

"They are both very ambitious and want me to be part of the club's future. I respect their stance and believe the club is in good shape with these owners."

Moore will now be in contention to face Nottingham Forest on Saturday afternoon.

It remains to be seen whether or not he will walk straight back in to Royals' starting XI after being ever-present last season.

Moore continued: "I now look forward to the challenge ahead of earning a spot back in the team and competing this season.

"I can assure the fans I will continue giving it my all for the club both on and off the pitch."