TWYFORD BC lost their first match of the Kennet League season, going down 73-63 to Maidenhead Town B.

The rink of Mike Rowland, Peter Gaskell, Paul Hynes and skip Phil Rose salvaged a 16-16 draw, but the other three rinks were all beaten.

Steve Chamberlain, Kevin Harding, Gordon Wheeler and Nick Orde lost 23-17, Pete Garraway, Ken Pope, Wayne Manley and Brian Stain were defeated 17-15, and Alan Wrigley, Kevin Bowles, Dave Johnson and Barry Carter went down by the same margin.

In a mixed triples match against Tilehurst, Twyford were edged out 60-57.

Once again it was Rose’s rink with Chamberlain and Jan Walker which impressed, securing a 21-9 victory.

Ken Pope, Rita Orde and Carter lost 16-13, Tina Scherer, Hynes and Ann Pope were overcome 20-10, and Rowlands, Ann Harris and Nick Orde were beaten 15-13 in a close encounter.

Twyford Ladies started well at Maidenhead Town – leading on three rinks after five ends – but that was as good as it got before they lost them all in an 80-33 defeat.

The trio of Doris Robinson Scherer and Rita Orde crashed 27-9, while Moira Moule, Carol Hooke and Harris lost 32-13.

Debbie Boles, Trish Gaskell and Walker went down 21-11.

The men’s Kennet League V side secured four points after winning two of the three rinks against Great Hollands A.

Wheeler, Stain and Tony Turner triumphed 17-15, with Chamberlain, Hynes and Nick Orde easing to a 17-15 success.

However, with Gaskell, Manley and Carter losing 29-8, Great Hollands took the spoils 53-42.

In a friendly against Burghfield, Twyford lost 100-88 on Sunday.

Rose, Walker and Gaskill won 30-15 and Rowlands, Paul Leavey and Wheeler triumphed 26-11.

However, Kevin Bowles, Gaskill and Ann Pope were beaten 19-16 and Debbie Bowles, Chamberlain and Manley crashed 26-8.

Jean Bennett, Alan Wrigley and Neil Patchin were also thrashed 37-8.

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