READING FC will continue to support safe standing in the wake of the Government’s latest rejection.

It comes after English Football League (EFL) chief executive Shaun Harvey criticised the decision to turn down West Bromwich Albion’s application for railed seating to be introduced at the Hawthorns.

Harvey revealed there is “significant popular demand” for standing to be allowed in Football League stadiums.

The safe-standing rule was first introduced following the Taylor Report into the tragic Hillsborough disaster in 1989.

Mr Harvey wrote: “I can assure you that we do not consider the comments made this week to be the last word on the matter.

“We will continue to engage robustly with Government and other relevant stakeholders in order to achieve the changes to the all-seater policy that our clubs seek.”

Several clubs around the globe, including Celtic FC in Scotland, have already introduced safe standing.

A number of years ago, Reading gave their support in the form of a ‘yes’ vote to an EFL investigation into the introduction of safe standing and the club’s stance has not changed since.

Royals supporter Jamie Gorman added: “(There would be a) huge improvement in atmosphere. It’s only a safe standing section so doesn’t mean everyone has to stand.

“Y25/26 would be rocking if we had safe standing.”

Alex Turnbull said: “Bring it in so I am never again told my someone in the row behind me to sit down if we’re on a promising break.”

Not all fans are in favour of the proposals however.

Phil Desbois stated: “Safe standing. Even safer seating. Let’s go for the even safer option and just have seats. Most people are much happier sat down. Only a minority want to stand.”