LAST weekend the weather had lost the milder temperatures that we had been experiencing and was replaced by a cold snap that allowed cold rain and snow into the rivers and canals, writes Alan Hughes.

Anglers were not looking forward to their matches knowing the small fish would go into winter mode and disappear.

Some of the clubs cancelled their matches, but two were brave enough to go ahead.

Tilehurst Royal British Legion fished their stretch of the River Thames at Hardwicke Estate at Whitchurch on Saturday.

Twelve members turned out for the match and they were faced with a very clear river and halfway through the match only one angler had caught a fish.

The second half saw some improvement with a couple of quality bream showing and being caught on legered worm.

Chris Humphreys secured top spot with 7lbs 10ozs which included a bream of 7lbs 6ozs plus a perch of 4ozs.

Fred Jones took the runner-up spot with a bream of 7lbs 2ozs and Liam Page-Smith completed the trio with 2ozs of tiddlers.

Bracknell Avocets were the only club who ventured out on RDAA waters, where 10 members fished their Christmas Match on the A section at Froxfield on the K & A Canal.

The start of the match was delayed to allow those who got lost in the snow to find the venue.

Unfortunately, two didn’t make it, having missed junction 14 on the M4 and getting stuck on the way back.

The remaining eight decided to fish the full five hours starting at 9.30am as this would hopefully allow them to get back in time for the meal and prize giving.

It was slow going with none of the first six pegs having a bite when the wind decided to join the sleet and destroy three umbrellas. This prompted two people to retire to the comforts of home, while the remainder stayed to the end.

The weight was 7lbs 13ozs in the match won by Alan Powell with 3lbs 1ozs.

In second place was Barry Morten with 2lbs 10ozs and third was Paul Holland with 1lb 6ozs. Everyone weighed in at least one fish, with Powell breaking the golden peg hoodoo and claiming the £100.jackpot prize.

For all of the anglers wanting to break up Christmas, the RDAA are holding an open match on the Froxfield venue on Saturday, December 30.

To book in, contact Mike Sheasby on 0780 241 4317.