READING Rockets will start their pre-season preparations next Monday – and will combine the start of their training camp with a coaching clinic led by Manuel Peña Garcés.

Coaches will get the opportunity to watch the Rockets players put through their paces by the head coach and his assistants as well as see the Berkshire outfit in action against Seattle University on Tuesday (7.30pm, John Madejski Academy).

There will also be a chance for coaches to be part of some of the training sessions as well as be involved in a classroom clinic on the Wednesday that will look at planning pre-season and practices as well as loading for players and a question and answer session.

Coaches will be transported to and from the Top 50 Deng Camp which sees three Rockets academy players, Fidel Gomez de Enterria Lopez, Ibu Jassey Demba, and Ali Sbai all participating in the five-day camp against 47 of the top Under 20 players in Great Britain who will come together and compete for the number one spot.

During the three days, all attendees will have a chance to have lunch with the current Rockets coaches and talk about many different topics.

The club is working hard to be more professional and successful in what and how it delivers on the court, and the way it runs and manages its ever-growing personnel off it.

Head coach Peña Garcés believe it is a great opportunity and is looking forward to welcoming all coaches to Reading.

The Spaniard said: “This is a new idea for us but something we feel is really important as we look to improve as coaches and get to spend some time together before the season starts to talk about all things basketball, especially the pre-season as this is one of the most important parts of the year for any team.

“We have a lot to offer over the three days and I think that coaches who visit us will have a great time and will enjoy all that we have to offer.

“It is a great opportunity for our club as well because we can talk with a lot of different people and share good practice at the same time as getting our players ready for the start of the 2016-2017 season.

“We are really excited and hope that many coaches will be able to join us during this time.”

The total cost is £200, and anyone interested should call the Basketball Hotline on 0118 926 3040 or e-mail