THE TOWN'S foremost purveyor of footlongs is gearing up to feed the hungry punters of Reading Festival in the same week they're renewing their commitment to the Reading Retail Awards.

Subway will be running a stall on the Red Gate and on the Green Gate of the Kings Meadow site in the 18th year the sandwich shop will be at Reading Festival.

And this year they have big ambitions.

“We are going to be running a marquee and a van in the Tesco's car park near to King's Meadow,” said Dina Patel, a Subway shop owner in Reading.

“Over the six days we will be serving at least 5,000 customers, which should be about 3,000 sandwiches.”

As well as setting the benchmark of success for one of the town's busiest trading weekend, Mrs Patel underlined the business importance of the Reading Retail Awards, which Subway sponsors.

She said: “I really love the Reading Retail Awards. It is an excellent opportunity for all the retail shops to get their name out and do well.

“I would like to say a huge thank you to all the people in Reading who have made our Subways successful. We wouldn't be anything without you.”

The shortlist for the Reading Retail Awards was released two weeks ago.

To find out who's heading to the final in the awards' twelve categories and how to get tickets to September's ceremony, go to