A GRANDAD known as 'the 12 lap pensioner' is still jogging along with the Reading Roadrunners at the age of 87.

Sidney Gibbs has been pounding the streets of Reading since he and 40 other runner enthusiasts founded the Reading Roadrunners in 1987 before their current home the Palmer Park Stadium was even built.

In the subsequent three decades the initial 40 members has grown to about 500 of all abilities trained by half a dozen coaches.

Roadrunner Sidney didn't start running until he was 54 when he caught got up in the '80s jogging craze with the intention of keeping fit.

Sidney said: “I've run the London marathon five times, my first was when I was 66 and my last was at the age of 72.

“I've done the Reading half marathon many times. I've done it as a fairy, as a morris dancer and also pushed prams for people to throw money into.”

Over the years Sidney and his wife Betty have run car boot sales at Prospect park with the Roadrunners team, raising £600,000 for various charities including McMillan and Reading charity Sport in Mind.

Every Wednesday Sidney joins the runners for a run and and a few drinks in the club house, where he was first affectionately dubbed 'the 12 lap pensioner'

The granddad of three said: “I started at the club when I was 57, and I'm still here for the good comradeship.”

Even though Sidney still likes to jog around the track, it is the social side of the club which keeps him going.

The Roadrunners hold dances, quizzes and go on pub runs which involve a run in the countryside followed by a pub lunch and some beers.

There is still seven out of the 500 members of the club who are over 80 including Sidney's running friend Brian Pincham who also remembers the early days of the club.

Sidney said: “The 25th January 1987 was the first time the club met and ran round the park. It was before we even had a name.

“After running around for a bit we met in the shed and decided on the name the Reading Roadrunners.

“Some people thought the name was silly but it has stuck ever since.”

The Reading Road Runners meet at Palmer Park Stadium at 6.30pm on Wednesdays and Fridays.