A GRAPHIC design company celebrated an important milestone with distinguished company recently.

Cream Design marked its 20th birthday with a lively event at The Firefly Cellar Bar at Reading Railway Station, joined by Sir John Madejski and members of Launchpad in Reading.

Helen Waring, account director, was part of the team responsible for establishing Cream Design in 1997 and she believes the business is stronger than ever.

She said: “I don’t think there is anybody else doing what we offer in the town. Reading is a vibrant place and from the very beginning we wanted to offer a quality service.

“There have been some challenges. When we started there was a big recession and advertising is always one of the first things to go in that sort of climate.

“We were stronger having been through it.” Reading is a brilliant place to be a part of.” and it has a closely-knit set of businesses.”

Dozens of guests attended the anniversary celebrations, including singer Daniel Johnson and members of the First Friday Club.

Cream Designs has had a number of distinguished clients over the years and was responsible for designing the Reading FC badge and Madejski logo.

One of the prouder moments in their history was when they were honoured with a Pride of Reading award for the ‘Business in Action’ category.

Helen added: “We did have a sticky patch, but we have a steady flow of clients and we have built a reputation in the town.

“We have been on Cross Street for the last seven years and we very much enjoy being in such a central location.”

“It is important not to rely too much on reputation or to depend solely on one client. We are always making new contacts and have a diverse range of clients.”