AN ELDERLY man who struggles to get out and about was left horrified when a thief stole his mobility scooter.

Ron Pett received the electric vehicle as a recent birthday gift from his son. He used it to get to the local shops to buy he and his wife Betty things they need around their home.

However, on Monday, April 16, the couple had a knock on the door from a neighbour to tell them a thief had broken into their garage and taken the scooter.

It is the second time in five years the pair, 84, have been targeted after their Robin Reliant was taken from outside their home and torched.

Mrs Pett said: "It's so cruel.

"Our son is ever so good. He bought this mobility scooter for his dad. He felt sorry for him.

"I'm so upset that someone could do this to us. They forget that one day they're going to get old themselves.

"We don't expect it. We have never pinched anything in our lives.

"We had a Robin Reliant before and all the children used to laugh at it but we used to take it everywhere.

"That was stolen and they set it on fire."

Police visited Mr and Mrs Pett after they reported the most recent theft

The garage had three separate locks which the thieves destroyed to access the scooter.

Mr and Mrs Pett suspect it was taken at some point between Thursday April 12 and Saturday April 14.

Mr Pett added: "I'm very upset. It's a mobility scooter which helped me get down to the shops.

"I used to be able to go and pick up the things Betty and I wanted.

"With the battery in you can go 21 miles."

The blue scooter was taken from the Fairwater Drive area.

Anyone with information should contact Thames Valley Police on 101.