A YOUNG man who was in constant pain died after taking a ‘significant’ quantity of prescribed painkillers, an inquest heard.

Samuel Cannon, of Norton Road, Woodley, had struggled with mental health problems and previously took an overdose of vodka and tablets before calling for an ambulance in 2016.

Significant quantities of undigested oxycodone tablets were found in his stomach during a post-mortem examination, but a corner was unwilling to record a verdict of suicide.

The 28-year-old tore a muscle in his upper arm in 2015 while weightlifting and had three operations to help repair the damage, but he contracted an infection after the second operation.

Mr Cannon was found unresponsive at his home on August 19 by his father Thomas, who told the inquest at Reading Town Hall on Tuesday how his son was often in incredible pain.

He said: “I knew something was wrong straight away. I went up to the bedroom and he was laying on his back. I told him to wake up but when I touched his face he was freezing cold.

“He was in a lot of pain and he was taking so many pills to keep it under control.”

He was last seen by his sister on August 13 and when paramedics were called they said he could have died 24 hours before he was found.

Mr Cannon received talking therapy after an incident of self-harm in 2010 and would become depressed due to eczema which made him ‘disfigured’.

Recording an open verdict, Ian Wade QC, assistant coroner for Berkshire, was confident it was not an accidental overdose, but could not be certain he intended to take his own life despite his history of self-harm.

Mr Wade said: “When anyone takes an overdose of drugs there is bound to be suspicion. I can’t overlook the history, which includes an attempt in 2016 where Sam appears to have been overwhelmed with despair and taken a mixture of alcohol and drugs.

“He took a significant quantity of potentially lethal medication. The circumstances are strongly suggestive that he may have taken his own life, but I have to be absolutely certain.”