A DRUNKEN man was found passed out with his arm and foot hanging over the platform at Wokingham Station, a court heard.

John Hayes, of Ilfracombe Way, Earley, trespassed onto the train tracks and swore at a member of staff when they told him to leave on August 27.

Maddy Charlesworth, prosecuting at Reading Magistrates' Court on Tuesday, said Hayes was incredibly fortunate it was the middle of the night.

She said: "This offence took place at around 2.45am when the defendant was running and shouting at cars.

"The witness said he would call the police and when they attended Mr Hayes was found lying face down on the platform.

"His arm and foot were dangling off the side of the platform. Fortunately no trains were running at this time or he could have done serious harm to himself and others.

"Images were taken of him passed out on the platform and CCTV footage shows him running down the tracks away from the level crossing."

The 38-year-old appeared unrepresented and said he had been in contact with Reading IRiS to tackle his drinking problem.

He admitted to the charge of trespassing and received a conditional discharge for 12 months.

Joanne Corrigan, chair of the bench, added: "We appreciate that you are making an effort to address your problem, but it is up to you to make it happen.

"If you come back to this court a fine may well be imposed upon you. However, if you obey the conditions of your sentence we will be able to draw a line under it.

"Now that you have a job and you are working with IRiS, it is a good time to turn things around."