THREE men were all taken to hospital after their car shot off the road and crashed into a bus shelter.

Fire crews, police and ambulance staff were all called to London Road at around 11pm on Friday evening after the blue BMW lost control and landed on Shepherds House Lane.

The car was written off as a result of the crash and the men inside the car were all given treatment at the scene before being taken to the Royal Berkshire Hospital for further checks.

It is not yet known how the car came to veer from the road, but Thames Valley Police have been approached for comment.

Reading Chronicle:

Firefighters from Caversham and Wokingham Road closed the road for about an hour while they removed large amounts of debris.

Robin Jordan, watch manager from Wokingham Road station, explained: "We were at Shepherds House Lane just off London Road.

"The vehicle left the road and hit a bus shelter after mounting the pavement.

"The car landed in Shepherds House Lane and we were called to the scene at around 11pm.

"I would suggest the car was completely written off by the damage and ambulance crews attended to check the three males.

"They were taken to hospital for further checks after being treated at the scene, but they appeared to be fine.

"We made sure the road and the vehicle was safe and the road was closed for an hour because there was a lot of debris we had to remove."