STUNNED residents were awoken by a piercing screech late last night after a train horn reportedly 'got stuck'.

One train-user complained she felt her 'insides vibrate' when she got off the 10.20pm train from Waterloo to Reading last night.

Other residents in Woodley complained they were awoken by the noise which shook door handles and could be heard from 'eight miles away.'

Joanne Vanstone, living in Finchampstead, said: “I was on the seventh of eight carriaged so I didn't actually notice it until I got off the train at Wokingham.

“It was so loud you could have screamed and not been heard and it make your insides vibrate.

“I think they tried to reset it by doing the “nee-naw” sound but it didn't work.

“By the time I'd got to my car, the train must have been at Winnersh and it was still really clear.

“I live the Yately side of Finchamstead and my ears were still ringing when I got in.

“Good job it was late, because I think if any babies or young kids were on the platform they could have definitely had their hearing damaged.“

South West Trains have been approached for comment.