RICHARD Benyon said his critics 'crossed a line' after he received a threatening letter directed at his family.

The Newbury MP consulted with Thames Valley Police and the security team at the House of Commons after the abusive message said he 'should be in prison'.

References to his recent driving ban and homophobic remarks were made under the pseudonym Colonel James Rolfe CBE.

Mr Benyon, 57, said: “I have a thick skin and these letters have no effect on me, but I have zero tolerance of any words that threaten my family or those who work for me.

Reading Chronicle:

"This letter crossed a line. I gather many other MPs receive similar letters from this individual and while the police do not yet know his identity, he is not believed to be local.”

The offensive letter has been bagged and sent to police for further investigation.

He was recently disqualified from driving for six months after he was caught using a mobile phone.