A WOMAN who was involved in a horrific car crash in Cyprus died after four weeks in intensive care.

Jayne Tarrant, of Hartley Way, Thatcham, was with her husband when he decided to overtake a lorry on a dual carriageway on June 2.

Due to the heavy load in the car, it is believed that Patrick Tarrant lost control of the vehicle before crashing into a telephone pole and wall.

Mr Tarrant told the coroner in his evidence how he and his wife were at a supermarket before the crash, which he believed was caused by poor road conditions.

Both Mrs Tarrant, 63, and her husband were admitted to Nalbantoglu State Hospital with life-threatening injuries, but she sadly died on June 30.

Peter Bedford, chief coroner for Berkshire, spoke of his frustration at the Cypriot authorities for failing to provide detailed accounts of the crash.

Speaking at the inquest at Reading Town Hall on Wednesday, January 10, he explained how the police and coroner did not respond to his requests for further information.

He said: "Having left the road his [Mr Tarrant's] vehicle struck a telegraph pole and struck a nearby wall with his wife in the passenger seat at around 2pm.

"Had this tragic crash happened in Berkshire, I would have received a much more detailed scope of evidence.

"However, I have received nothing from the Cypriot coroner or the police and I am unlikely to do so."

The only piece of evidence submitted to the coroner was a medical certificate, confirming Mrs Tarrant died of 'multiple injuries'.

Her husband remembered overtaking the lorry, but was unaware of crashing into a telephone pole.

Mr Bedford added: "I would have recorded a similar verdict if she had been involved in a road traffic collision in Berkshire.

"I am limited by the lack of support provided by the relevant authorities. Mr Tarrant was also admitted to hospital, but his wife sadly died despite medical intervention.

"The cause of her death was recorded as multiple injuries four weeks after the crash took place."