A FUNDRAISING page has been set up to buy Richard Benyon MP a bicycle after he was banned from driving.

The Newbury politician was recently disqualified for six months after he was caught using a mobile phone and a Green Party rival decided to rub salt into the wounds.

Steve Masters has so far raised more than £400 to buy a second-hand bike from eBay and intends to donate leftover funds to Eight Bells for Mental Health.

Mr Benyon, a prolific campaigner for road safety during his lengthy tenure, came under heavy criticism after he was served with the ban.

He already has six points on his licence, three from a speeding offence in October 2014 and three for another speeding offence from September 2015.

However, he did see the funny side of the fundraising page and donated £10, hoping all of the money would be used to support the charity.

Mr Masters said: "It is vital that Richard Benyon is able to carry on working and like his constituents he will clearly struggle after the cuts imposed in West Berkshire.

"To this end an eco-friendly bicycle seems to offer the best solution to this unfortunate situation.

"Losing one's licence when it is central to your working life can be devastating for working people.

"Therefore any surplus monies raised above the cost of a secondhand bike from eBay will go to a local mental health charity here in Newbury.

"This will ensure people like Richard have the support they need when dealing with what must be a very stressful time."

Benyon, 57, lives on a sprawling 14,000 acre estate in a Grade II listed mansion and is said to be the wealthiest MP in the UK.

He admitted to using a mobile phone and was fined a total of £421.

In reply to the fundraising page, he told the Chronicle: "Anyone who knows me will know that it is ridiculous to think I would use this situation to claim more money in expenses to get about my constituency.

"I already have a perfectly good bike.

"I claim well under what I am entitled to and I have supported Eight Bells for many years. I hope all of the money will be sent to them."

Visit: www.gofundme.com/mp-richard-benyon-needs-a-bicycle for more.