A MECHANIC bitten by an angry dog while at work received flowers its owner half an hour after the attack. 

Julia Brennan, of Didcot, was waiting with her two German Shepherd at Kwik-Fit on London Road, Newbury, while her van was examined. 

As she was using the garage's coffee machine one of her dogs, Jasmine, barked and bit an employee. 

The bite was strong enough to tear through the woman's jacket.

As soon as the 48 year-old returned home she immediately phoned the Kwik-Fit to ensure that the employee was okay and sent flowers with a written apology.

On August 10 at Reading Magistrates Court, Brennan pleaded guilty to being the owner in charge of dog dangerously out of control causing injury.

The dog was spared from destruction on the grounds that it be muzzled whenever out in public, including in the defendant's front garden. 

Brennan was given a conditional discharge because the incident was considered a one off.