AN ANIMAL charity is appealing for help after being inundated with a flood of 'sighthounds'.

Dogs Trust Newbury, based in Hamstead Marshall, has been left with six hounds searching for a new home.

Greyhounds and lurchers; DJ, Vicky, Ben, Bobby, Fizzy and Blue are hoping to find a new sofa to snooze on as well as a new owner to care for them.

Nicki Barrow, Dogs Trust Newbury Rehoming Centre Manager, said: "We have a number of Lurchers and Greyhounds all desperate to find a new sofa to call their own.

"They’re a mixed bag of fantastic characters but we know they would all make superb companions in the right homes.

"Sadly, we are seeing an increase in Sighthound breeds looking for new homes, which may be due to their working or racing careers coming to an end.

"Although Sighthounds need regular exercise and owners who are in a position to offer a life-long commitment, it is a myth that the breeds need a huge amount of activity as they love to be couch potatoes, too."

The dogs are:

Happy and handsome, Ben is very much a big puppy who loves investigating new things. 'Friendly, with a great character', he enjoys meeting two and four-legged friends and would like to live with a canine chum who can show him the ropes whilst he settles in.

The one-year-old Greyhound hasn’t had the best start in life and sadly hasn’t lived in a home before, so he will need patient adopters who will continue his training in exchange for tasty treats.

He could live with teenagers aged 14 years and over, and would benefit from owners with breed experience.

Beautiful Blue loves a fuss and affection once he knows you.

After a walk, he enjoys snuggling up on a sofa for snuggles and having a snooze.

This Lurcher can be slightly nervous initially, but treats are a great way to this boy’s heart.

Looking for a calm home where he is the only pet, with sensible teenagers, the seven-year-old can be left for a couple of hours once settled in his new ‘furever’ home.

Blue would prefer his own garden to run about in, or at least have access to a secure area nearby.

Superstar DJ is a sweet natured, gentle giant who loves to laze around on a comfy bed and watch the world go by.

The four-year-old Greyhound enjoys short walks and would a love a secure garden to call his own.

An ex-racer, he would prefer to be the only pet in the household so he gets all the attention, although he likes doggy pals to walk with.

He can be left for a few hours once settled as long as he has a comfortable place to snooze.

Happy to live with children aged 11 years and up, this chap would make an amazing addition to a family.

Vicky hasn’t had a great start in life but she has improved in confidence since arriving at Dogs Trust and now gets excited about seeing her favourite Canine Carers.

The nine-month-old Greyhound dreams of a calm, adult-only home with a caring adopter who has the time and patience to help this lovely lady grow into a wonderful pet.

Vicky would like to live with a four-legged friend who can help boost her confidence, ideally in a rural location.

One-year-old Bobby never fails to make you smile.

Always with a cheery deposition, this bouncy boy loves toys and exploring new places and people.

Bobby would benefit from continued positive reward-based training – his love for food will help with this.

He’d like his adopters to be around for the majority of the day to give him lots of affection and play games with him.

Bobby could live with children aged 14 years and over and potentially another dog.

Ray of sunshine Fizzy loves people, pooches and playing.

The one-year-old Lurcher is an affectionate girl who loves sofa snuggles.

She is looking for a home with a secure garden or enclosed off-lead area close by, and can live with children over the age of 11.

Fizzy would love to share her home with another playful dog for company.

A bright girl, she really enjoys training and would like to continue this with her family.