LABOUR won Reading East from the Conservative party in a hard fought election.

Matt Rodda took the seat from Tory incumbent Rob Wilson.

He overturned Wilson's majority of 6,520 establishing a lead of 3,749.

He ends twelve years of Conservative control in the constituency.

The new MP said: "I would like to thank my family, my agent and my election team. It as been the most wonderful campaign and they worked incredibly hard.

"I think this election produced some unprecedented results and we have to now to take stock and consider where our country is going.

"This campaign has been a campaign for young people about policy and leadership.

"I would particularly like to pay tribute to the leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn. His visit to Reading inspired us and showed real leadership."

His defeated opponent Rob Wilson said: "Can I say thank you to the police for protecting all the polling stations in Reading and at tonight's count.

"I would also like to thank my team who ave worked extremely hard and been dedicated and genuinely I pay tribute to all the work you have done on my behalf.

"Congratulations to the victor it's a big win for him personally and i congratulate him on it and I wish him well for the difficult period that lies ahead."

Matt Rodda won 27,093 votes, whilst Rob Wilson polled 23,344. Green candidate Johannessen Kizzi won 1,093, Andy Kirkwood for the Movement for Active Democracy won 142 votes.

Michael Turberville, independent won 188 and Jenny Woods won 3,378 votes for the Liberal Democrats.

Mr Rodda said his 10,000 vote swing on the 2015 election was down to a number of factors.

"The Chronicle has reported on a number of issues, including the problems with the Royal Berkshire Hospital," he said.

"Growing waiting times and more, people are really concerned and want a different approach.

"I think the fear of a hard Brexit played a part. We campaigned for local issues including fairer treatment for tenants."