A CAMPAIGN to stop grammar school expansion was launched yesterday (Saturday October 1) by Reading Labour councillors in conjunction with the National Union of Teachers (NUT).

The initiative coincides with the #EducationNotSegregation project launched at the national Labour Party conference this weekend.

Jason Brock, Labour councillor for Southcote ward, said: "The Labour Party's position is that we think grammar schools are divisive, they do not encourage social mobility and they entrench privilege.

"Instead we want a proper programme of investment across all comprehensives to provide the best education for all in our communities.

"We are concerned that grammar schools do not benefit some of the least advantaged members of our community in Reading."

Mr Brock stressed the campaign intended to preserve the status quo left by the Labour government in 1997, which forbade the creation of any new selective schools.

"We are not calling for Reading School or Kendrick School to be closed down," he added.

But he said he hoped #EducationNotSegregation would make the Government think again about planning to increase the number of grammar schools in the country.

Conservative MP for Reading East has previously gone on record to defend grammar schools, arguing contra Labour that the selective institutions do in fact encourage social mobility.

He said in Parliament in November 2011: "Grammars have played a significant part in the important role of social mobility.

"Through selection, grammars offer our most academic young people and constituents across the country excellent educational opportunities."