BOTH of Reading's MPs have voted in favour of escalating action in Syria and approving a bombing campaign.

Following a marathon debate in the House of Commons yesterday the motion in favour of military intervention through air strikes was agreed by 397 to 223.

The town's two Conservative MPs Rob Wilson for Reading East and Alok Sharma for Reading West both voted in support of further action.

This morning RAF fighter planes have already begun to attack oil fields after gaining approval from Parliament.

Newbury MP Richard Benyon also approved the decision but Wokingham MP John Redwood abstained.

Rob Wilson said he had thought long and hard before coming to his conclusion.

He said: "I have spoken to constituents, read every email and letter, listened to their concerns and tried to hear all of their viewpoints. Likewise I have discussed the issue with colleagues, read widely on the subject and listened closely to arguments.

"I have also been pleased by the clear plan of action from the Vienna peace talks, the ambition being to have a transitional government in place in six months and a new constitution and elections in 18 months.

"Following this I have come to the conclusion that I will support the Government’s plans. Daesh represent a threat to our national security, as well as being a horrific and barbarous death cult.

"Their ideology must be combated and defeated to ensure our national security and to deliver an end to the Syrian civil war, and the mass exodus of people, and begin the reconstruction of a war-torn country."

Alok Sharma echoed the message and said: "Voting on whether or not to authorise the use of military force is one of the most significant decisions that Members of Parliament can be asked to make.

"It is a responsibility that I take incredibly seriously, have given a great deal of thought to and have not made my decision lightly.

"I also absolutely understand that many people have very strong feelings on this issue on both sides."

He went on to lost his reasoning including the wider package of actions included in the bill such as humanitarian aid and planning for the region's stability.

He added: "A number of my constituents have pointed to the mistakes made in previous conflicts as reason to avoid any future military engagement.

"The Prime Minister has acknowledged that preserving the institutions of the Syrian State through post-conflict transition will be vital and de-Baathification after the Iraq war was a significant mistake, which we must avoid repeating.

"In respect of Syria, we ultimately need a government that is representative of all the Syrian people and I believe the Prime Minister has set out a credible plan to move us towards making that a reality.

"No one is pretending that our intervention will deliver an immediate solution to destroying ISIL, I acknowledge that this will take time.

"But simply, doing nothing is not an option at this time and that is why I will vote tonight to support UK military intervention in Syria."

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