A docudrama is set to air on BBC Three detailing the real-life case of three friends in Dubai being arrested for drug possession and the issues they had to deal with.

High: Surviving a Dubai Drugs Bust will concern Karl Williams, Grant Cameron and Suneet Jeerh being arrested back in 2012 for possessing a quantity of synthetic cannabis known as spice.

They claimed they were given electric shocks and had guns held to their heads during a seven-month period when they were held without trial.

After being sentenced to four years in prison in April 2013, they were pardoned under a Ramadan amnesty three months in, as reported by The Guardian.

A synopsis of the programme on the Radio Times reads: "A 25-year-old musician embarks on the trip of a lifetime to Dubai with his friends. The next four days were a blur.

"Out partying, he claims to have met a Dubai hustler who offered him a deal on a rental car. But in the boot of the car was a bag that would turn his whole life - and the lives of his friends - upside down."

The docudrama will have dramatised retellings of what Williams, Cameron and Jeerh experienced alongside interviews with Williams and other relevant figures.

BBC Three's High: Surviving a Dubai Drugs Bust full cast

  • Kereim Daley as Karl Williams
  • Karl Jackson as Grant Cameron
  • Krishan Naidoo as Suneet Jeerh
  • Alice Mann as Amy
  • Baba Antoshko as Maz
  • Mamad Heidari as Abdullah
  • Waqar Ahmed as Cop
  • Farhan Baqi as Cop

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When will BBC Three's High: Surviving a Dubai Drugs Bust be on TV?

The first episode of High: Surviving a Dubai Drugs Bust will air on BBC Three at 9pm on Monday, February 19.

Immediately afterwards the second episode will air on the channel at 9.30pm, with the next two airing in the same timeslot on Monday, February 26.

The final episode should then be scheduled to air at 9pm on Monday, March 4 whilst episodes will arrive on BBC iPlayer shortly after being broadcast.