Fans are comparing one of the new Gladiators on the BBC reboot to the resident villain from the Original series - Wolf. 

Wolf (Michael Van Wijk) was arguably the most well-known Gladiator from the original series acting as the resident villain.

He never liked losing against the contenders and was among the meanest Gladiators on the roster.

Wolf appeared on all eight series of the original Gladiators which ran on ITV from 1992 to 2000.

Fans compare new Gladiator with Wolf from original series

Fans are now "obsessed" as one of the new Gladiators looks to be shaping up as the Wolf of the BBC reboot.

Viper was nearly red carded in one of the first male events on Saturday (January 27) after knocking contender Ash off the podium before referee Mark Clattenburg had time to start their 'Duel' event.

Viper then turned his back on Clattenburg refusing to talk to the referee, resulting in the crowd calling for him to be red carded, chanting "take him off".

He ended up losing the Duel event to the contender and later was filmed fuming in changerooms, throwing his equipment at the door after Clattenburg had attempted to clear the air with the Gladiator.

Fans took to social media following the incident drawing comparisons between Viper and Wolf.

A Gladiator fan on X (formerly X) commented: "Obsessed with Viper's bad boy bit and the drama.

"Oh how worked up I got at Wolf's shenanigans as a kid. Hilarious to see it as a adult love it!"

Another added: "Viper is really relishing playing a rule breaker."

But most fans agreed Viper would never replace Wolf on Gladiators.


One person on X said: "Sorry viper you will never be wolf."

Another fan commented: "Viper is such a poor man's wolf it's embarrassing."

A third person added: "He’s (Viper) here look the poundshop wolf wannabe."

While another X user commented: "Viper trying way to hard to be wolf."