The Tango Ice Blast is arguably the best thing about going to the cinema, but what if you fancy staying at home?

On the sofa, no noisy eaters, nobody talking over the film, just you your TV remote and your very own Tango Ice Blast.

And with Brits set to enjoy warmer temperatures you may even just want to enjoy the refreshing drink in your garden while soaking up the rays.

Thanks to TikTok, you won’t have to head out to your local cinema to get your Tango fix.

Maddy Kate has shared her very own hack for creating your own Tango Ice Blast from the comfort of your own home, and it’s easier than you think.

Through trial and error, Maddy has created the perfect replica which she scored 9/10 and “highly recommends”.

She started with 300ml of Tango, two ice lollies and a handful of ice, which she simply threw into a blender and mixed it all up, along with some blue food colouring for full authentic effect.

Unfortunately, the first attempt came out too liquid-y and so mixed it up a bit.

In the second homemade Ice Blast, she used just 200ml of Tango, along with six ice lollies and two handfuls of ice and red food colouring to create the perfect replica.

The video has amassed more than 100,000 likes and nearly 1900 comments with social media users rushing to try it for themselves.

“Why have I not done this,” said one TikToker.

Another added: This is amazing. Might do this for when Justice League is showing on Sky Cinema. Great idea. Miss those Ice Blasts so much.”

And with it being a Bank Holiday weekend, a LOT of users suggested adding vodka to the mix as Brits enjoy and extra day off work.

Maddy first shared the idea when revealing cheat date night options and was inundated with requests for the recipe.