CHIPS. I bet that’s not where you thought a review of a restaurant with ‘burger’ in the title would begin.

But I can’t stop thinking about them, so let’s start at the chips.

And chips are actually a fine place to begin, because it isn’t often that I find chips worth writing about.

Let’s be honest (excuse the pun), but when you go out for a meal at a chain restaurant, nine times out of 10 you can guarantee that the chips are frozen, and you find yourself squeezing dollops and dollops of sugary sauce on your plate to make them more edible.

But you will not have that problem at Honest Burgers, which opened its King Steet branch last December. Food critic Jay Rayner called the chips ‘edible crystal Meth’ and even in my capacity as a newspaper editor, I do not have the vocabulary to better this description.

Quite simply, they are delicious.

As are the burgers.

Don’t believe me? Ask my other half, who considers himself somewhat of a ‘burger connoisseur’.

He said it was ‘probably the best burger I’ve ever had.’ This was after about 10 minutes of silence as he and the ‘Tribute’ burger he’d ordered had some sort of weird, other-worldly experience as I just watched on in wonder and jealousy. He’s never looked at me the way he’s looking at that burger, I thought. Suddenly my mind (and probably his) full of images of our upcoming wedding day...but it was not me in the white dress, it was the burger.

If the stomach is the way to a man’s heart, then ladies, take your crush to Honest Burgers.

The only danger being, of course, that he will probably fall in love with the burger and not with you.

Anyway, never mind him. He doesn’t compare to the chips.

Honest Burgers 1-5 Kings Street Reading Tel 0118 359 3216