FURIOUS residents blasted an "ignorant" letter posted on a car accusing a disabled woman of abusing a blue badge space.

Alan Tanner posted a picture of a note placed on a car after his wife parked at Woodley Precinct.

The note reads: "You will be reported for illegal use of a blue badge space.

"I witnessed you and your young, able bodied daughter park the car at 13.10 on February 19 and walk towards the precinct with no sign of disability.

"This selfish action deprives a disabled person of somewhere to park."

Mr Tanner posted a message explaining the person whom the note was aimed at was in fact a 23-year-old adult with severe mental disabilities.

He said: "So to the person that wrote the letter, do not judge unless you know the full details of someone's disability.

"Paige is not a young girl as you stated, but a 23 year old adult who is severely & mentally disabled and requires 1:1 support at all times.

"I hope the person who wrote this letter gets to see this."

A note placed on an ambulance over the weekend after paramedics blocked a driveway went viral on social media.

And residents were left stunned when they saw the note Mr Tanner posted online yesterday (Monday).

A comment reads: "This made me so sad , what a rude, ignorant person to write this. My six year old son has a blue badge, his disability isn't visible & I see people staring & judging as we get out the car like we shouldn't be parked there. I am sorry you had to go through this, what a horrid thing to find.

Another comment reads: "This letter is damn right out of order. Some disabilities aren’t visible on the outside. How disgusting, honestly some people need educating. What a joke."

The Chronicle has contacted Mr Tanner.