A SALSA instructor in Reading is to feature on a fitness show on BBC One this evening (Wednesday).

Jennifer Benavidez, who teaches salsa classes in Reading and around the world, will be seen teaching Dr Michael Mosley a series of steps in The Truth About Getting Fit.

Miss Benavidez, who has been dancing all her life, was excited to be involved in the programme, which examines the different ways people exercise.

Jennifer said: "I found out about the study through my  friend a fellow dance teacher Dr. Pablo A Domene who works at at the School of Life Sciences, at Coventry University. The BBC were looking for dancers to take a salsa class and run some tests.

"Salsa is a great way to have fun and get moving. In life, the more we get our bodies moving the better.

"I always feel good after I dance but the health benefits are great.

"By learning to salsa, not only are you learning a new skill, but you can literally go anywhere in the world and be able to walk into a club and dance."

Jennifer showed Dr Mosley through some basic salsa steps, and she said he was a natural.

She said: "We had a good laugh! He is very observant and is actually pretty good! I bet after a few lessons he would really be something on the dance floor."

Jennifer teaches classes and intensive courses at various venues around Berkshire. For more information visit http://salsajennifer.co.uk.