PANTOMIME actors were on hand to give the Gurkha community a festive treat with a special performance on Thursday.

Armed Forces charity SSAFA teamed up with The Hexagon and the cast of Peter Pan for the annual trip.

For many of the ladies it was their first experience of a pantomime, but they were soon enchanted after a warm welcome from Sarah Cox and the rest of the team.

Pamela Reynolds, a volunteer for SSAFA Reading, said: "The volunteers work hard to help the ladies towards literacy, but we are all aware that feeling comfortable in the community and confident to enjoy all that Reading has to offer are important areas of our work.

"Reading has welcomed the Gurkha community and they are grateful for all the support that have been given.

"They enjoy being members of their new community and are gradually understanding their new way of life.

"All of the volunteers who work with the ladies enjoy their company and love teaching the most highly motivated students in the world and are very proud of this unique group of women."