PLANS have been submitted to redevelop an historic building which was saved from demolition after a pressure campaign.

University of Reading (UoR) wants to revamp St Patrick's Hall in Northcourt Avenue.

It is one of the university’s oldest accommodation blocks, having been founded in 1908 by R.L Pearson as a private hostel and rebuilt in 1913.

Now, the UoR has submitted fresh proposals for a multi-million pound regeneration which would see St Patrick's Hall provide more than 850 rooms.

Sir David Bell, vice chancellor, said: “The University of Reading continues to grow and attract students from the UK and the wider world. We must continue to improve our campuses, including our halls of accommodation, to ensure we are providing students with first-class facilities.

“The redevelopment of St Patrick’s Hall is the next stage in the modernisation and refurbishment of our halls. We have listened carefully to feedback from staff, students and the local community. Our revised plans address concerns raised by local residents around privacy and student behaviour, whilst maintaining the site’s existing heritage.”

It is not the first time UoR has tried to redevelop the Northcote Road site.

It was set to be demolished in 2016 but a pressure campaign by the Victorian Society thwarted the university's plans.

A spokesman added: "Following the local listing of Pearson’s Court in October 2016 the University and UPP withdrew the original application to redevelop St Patrick’s Hall.

"Since the withdrawal of the previous application, the University and UPP have developed an alternative scheme, which will retain Pearson’s Court and redevelop the remainder of the site.

"Subject to planning permission, the revised plans will complement the original buildings and retain the site’s existing heritage, whilst transforming the facilities for future students."