THE SUITED and booted business quarter of Berkshire learned how to visualise success at a networking meet-up.

First Friday Club meets at a different venues in Reading each month and provides those running and working in companies across the town and county an opportunity to make contacts.

Last week Novotel hosted the collected industry insiders for an afternoon of conversation and buffet food.

A new arrival this month was Ian Roberts, who owns Business Doctors, and who addressed the crowd.

He said: “I really liked it. I was taken by the quantity and quality of people that came to the networking session.” I think I have already got one customer and there are two more in the pipe line.

“I talked about the power of dreams for business owners. I have a 32 year-old book where I write down what I want to achieve, and get some pictures, cut them out and stick them in.”

Also in attendance was Terry Dixon, who leads walking tours around Reading.

He handed a cheque for £503 to Eleanor Buckley of Launchpad, having committed a chunk of his profits to the homeless support charity.

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