Dave Kitson has been appointed as national team manager and international ambassador for Nauru.

The former Reading striker will perform his duties for the Nauru Soccer Federation alongside his role as a coach with The Dave Kitson Academy.

“The Nauru Soccer Federation are delighted to announce the appointment of former Premier League star Dave Kitson as our new national team manager and international ambassador”, the Nauru Soccer Federation wrote on their website.

Kitson will work with another Englishman, national team head coach Charlie Pomroy. 

Nauru's Director of International Development Gareth Johnson added: “I first came into contact with Dave during 2020 through our mutual interest in travel when we began discussing a few projects, one of them being Nauru.

“He genuinely cares about the project. One of the reasons for such a high profile appointment is to help the game, not just in Nauru, but the whole region.”

Nauru is not yet a member of FIFA or the Oceania Football Confederation, but aims to become a member of both governing bodies.

Nauru is one of the few United Nations member states that is not a member of FIFA and is the only one that has not yet played a representative match.