A BLIND widow described her shock after her precious guide dog was mauled by a dangerous hound, leaving her with lasting injuries.

Alison Clarke, who has no vision, was walking retired Labrador/Retriever cross Pacha in Shaw Park, Newbury, on March 5.

Mrs Clarke, 60, regularly lets Pacha and two-year-old Annie off of the lead to stretch their legs and felt concerned when she heard aggressive barking and snapping.

But it was not until she returned home when she realised 10-year-old Pacha had a deep cut to one of her ears and was oozing blood.

Mrs Clarke said: "I have never had anything like this in 29 years.

"They were running ahead of me along the river path.

"There was lots of barking and growling. I shouted out and my dogs came back to me. I didn't know who else was around.

"It was only when I got home that I realised my dog's ear was bleeding and caked in blood."

Pacha was taken to the vets and treated for a deep cut to her ear.

Mrs Clarke decided not to get the wound stitched because it meant Pacha would have had to undergo an operation.

She added: "She will always have a slit in her ear.

"She has been with me since she was just before two years old.

"At her age it's not worth putting her through an operation.

"Now she's curled up on the sofa and snoring away. She's such a laid back and gentle dog."

Police officers investigating the attack have launched an appeal for any information.

Witnesses should contact Thames Valley Police on 101.

A police spokesman added: "Thames Valley Police is appealing for information after a report of a dangerous dog in Newbury.

"A guide dog was off the lead in Shaw Park, by the river on the east side of the A339, at 10am on Monday when its owner heard growling and snapping by another dog.

"The guide dog's owner, a 60-year-old woman who is registered blind, called it back. She found the golden Labrador had a cut on an ear, which required treatment at a vets."