CREATIVE students have made a music video in a bid to raise hundreds of pounds for new technology including VR headsets.

Children at Woodley CofE School swapped the textbooks for microphones by producing their own version of Jessie J's Price Tag, with help from their Music teacher Colin Blakely.

Teachers hope to offer pupils a fully-immersive and creative learning experience by allowing the pupils to venture on a safari, or standing near a volcano, while never having to leave the classroom.

A number of schools are competing for the chance to receive a cash boost from Rocket Fund, which will donate hundreds of pounds to the schools who reach 25 per cent of their fundraising target the quickest.

Mr Blakely said: "We are currently struggling with our school budget, as many schools are, but remain ambitious and want to provide the best learning opportunities for our children.

"We have recently as a school been reviewing our curriculum and have decided that all our learning must be real and practical to ensure that pupils get the most engaging experience possible."

Although the school is hoping to raise as much money as possible, a target of £1,468 would help purchase a number of VR headsets, tablets and smartphones.

"We know that the more experiences children actually have, the more dynamic their writing will be, the deeper their vocabulary will be and the more engaged they will be in their discussions," Mr Blakely added.

"We feel that VR is an amazing way to give children this opportunity in a relatively cheap way. We recently paid for a VR company to visit the school so that we could try it out and the children absolutely loved it.

"We do have funding for technology, but this is not the sort of thing that will normally be budgeted for. We thought this would be a creative way of fundraising and it was a fun experience for the children."

Visit: for more information and to watch the music video.