ENVIRONMENTAL campaigners have left an artistic reminder on the streets in an effort to tackle pollution.

Members from Greenpeace have taken to the streets with illustrations of protesters holding signs against breaking diesel limits.

One of the signs has been spotted on Cemetery Junction, a pollution hotspot, after the UK reached the annual air pollution limit by the end of January.

Mel Evans, clean air campaigner at Greenpeace, said: “This event has now become an annual spectacle demonstrating the abject failure of both government and car companies to tackle the scandal of toxic air cloaking our towns and cities and making people sick.

“The government should further support and fund local authorities to implement clean air zones in towns and cities.”

Campaigners say the 'toxic' levels of pollution have continued to exceed the legal limit in Reading.

The UK has broken legal limits for nitrogen dioxide every year since 2010 and prolonged exposure is thought to cost the NHS more than £20 billion every year.