A BRAVE woman who decided to shave hear head says she was inspired by her father's bravery.

Natasha Master, who represents Woodley United Ladies, has already raised more than £2,600 for Cancer Research UK by having her hair removed.

Her father was diagnosed with stage four bile duct cancer when Natasha was still a young girl in 2006.

She said: "My dad never lost his hair from the chemotherapy, but many others do and it is not the only thing cancer takes from a person.

"The outside appearance of having no hair does not even compare to the inside battle a person with cancer is going through.

"I was fairly young at the time but me and my dad have always been close. I still remember his absence and the emotions that came with the situation."

Reading Chronicle:

Natasha smashed her initial fundraising goal of £1,000 with the help of her friends at Woodley United.

She added: "Cancer Research do lots of great fundraising events. One I will always remember is the Relay For Life, where you walk, run, moonwalk around an athletics track as many times as possible throughout the night.

"The money raised for the charity is used to fund clinical trials, which bring new cancer treatments to patients that may be out of other options.

"It also funds the scientists working in the labs, behind the scenes, who have dedicated a large portion of their lives to helping solve the mystery that is this disease."

Visit: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/natasha-master1 to donate to the fundraising page.