A SCHOOL in Prime Minister Theresa May's own constituency which begged parents for cash to fund vital resources received a generous donation.

Educational supply specialist EPSL Educational Printing heard about Robert Piggott CE School's desperate plight for cash and stepped in to save the day.

The school recently asked for a donation of £1 per school day, per child, to cover the costs of teaching resources and books.

Sally Ann Akers, executive head teacher, said: "The media attention following our request for voluntary contributions was rather unexpected, as we are not the first school to have to resort to this sort of request.

"We were thrilled to receive the call from EPSL Educational Printing offering us a very generous donation of a year's supply of exercise books, diaries and reading records. To learn that the stationery is also embossed with our school logo is wonderful.

"I am sure the children will be very proud of their new high quality books and will produce their best work to go in them.

"Thank you to EPSL Educational Printing for our rather unexpected and very special early Christmas present."

EPSL donated more than 5,000 personalised books including exercise books, diaries and reading records for the junior and infant schools in Wargrave.

David Pickering, managing director, added: "Schools across the UK are struggling to make ends meet due to changes in funding and we believe that every child should have access to quality books to help them with their studies.

"The story about Robert Piggott School highlights this issue and I hope our donation will be a real boost to the pupils, teachers and staff.

"I was thrilled when they accepted our offer of personalised exercise books, diaries and reading records and I look forward to hearing feedback from our ultimate judges -- the children."