A CHARITABLE schoolgirl with an affiliation for helping the Armed Forces has completed a series of fundraising challenges.

Poppy Romero Jinks from Beechwood Avenue in Woodley was inspired to raise money for The Royal British Legion thanks to her father's keen interest in military history.

The 11-year-old girl, who attends St Dominic Savio Primary School, took part in a sponsored walk, baked cakes and sold handmade poppies to her friends at school for charity.

Maria Romero, Poppy's mother, was by her side during the 14-mile walk and she said she was very proud of her daughter's selfless deeds.

She said: "Her birthday is on November 10 and it was something that she wanted to raise money for last year, so she has been planning it for a long time.

"We did a 14-mile walk back in October and then she made some felt poppies. She designed and cut them out herself.

"She started out with about 50, but they all sold out very quickly at school and with the family.

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"There was a lot of interest at the school, but we were shocked when they all sold out, so Poppy made another 50."

Poppy has raised more than £400 after her friends at school could not get enough of her handmade floral tributes and her cakes.

James Broadbridge, head teacher of St Dominic Savio, agreed to let Poppy do a cake sale and with the help of her mother she baked more than 400 cakes.

Ms Romero added: "It is something that her dad is very interested in. He loves military history and it is something that we have always supported.

"As a family we have always liked to think about other people and The British Legion is something that we always get behind.

"The inspiration has come from her dad and we are very proud of her.

"These fundraising initiatives were all her own ideas and she was the driving force behind making them all happen."