A mysterious installation artist from Sonning has struck again with his latest structure erected on Sonning Bridge.

Residents across the area noticed a cash machine adorned with ‘Impro Solutions’ logos on the bridge which has been home to several controversial installations through the years.

Other work included a phone, postbox, urinal and a door. Many are confounded on how 'Impro' manages to place his work on the bridge and others have appealed for a permanent installation to be installed on the grade-II listed structure.

Regarding the cash machine, he said: "Banks have reacted to complaints about branch closures and accessibility by opening cashpoints on river bridges for boaters within minutes of Keir Starmer walking into No 10.

"The first is on Sonning Bridge."

It was spotted following the elections where Kier Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party, was voted as Prime Minister.