The Labour Party has won the newly created Reading West and Mid Berkshire constituency. 

In a close race, Olivia Bailey, the Labour candidate, beat out her rival Ross Mackinnon with  16,273 votes and a 1,361 vote majority. 

Mrs Bailey previously ran in the Reading West constituency during the general election in 2017, but got beaten about by Conservative Alok Sharma. 

Mr Mackinnon, who is the shadow leader of West Berkshire Council and Conservative councillor for Bradfield will no doubt be making a return to the council chamber.

He managed to get 14,912 votes. 

Remarkably, Kate Bosley for Reform UK came in third place with 6,260 votes, with Helen Belcher, the Liberal Democrat achieving 5,103 votes.

Hardworking councillor Carolyne Culver for the Greens came in fifth place with 3,169.

Launching a plucky Independent run was Adrian Abbs, previously a Liberal Democrat, taking 562 votes, beating Adie Peppiatt, another Indepdent, who secured 272 votes. 

You can see the results in full here: 

Olivia Bailey, Labour - 16,273

Ross Mackinnon, Conservatives - 14,912 

Kate Bosley, Reform UK - 6,260

Helen Belcher, Liberal Democrats - 5,103 

Carolyne Culver, Green Party - 3,169

Adrian Abbs, Independent - 562

Adie Peppiatt, Independent - 272