Tahir Maher is the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Earley and Woodley constituency.

Aged 65, he works as an accountant and has years of public service as a councillor under his belt.

Claim to the area:

I have lived in Earley for about 22 years. I have been a local Councillor in Earley for over 13 years and a Borough Councillor. I have also been Mayor of Earley.

What are the three biggest challenges facing the people of Earley and Woodley?

- As in many places, there is a lack of timely medical services, be that A&E waiting time, GP appointment, lack of  NHS dental service, to name a few

- In parts of our community, many residents are facing the harsh impact of the cost of living crisis

- Limited funding for local authorities is limiting so many services that should be available to residents

What causes will you be championing if elected as an MP?

- More funding for Primary Care and mental health

- Greater focus on climate change

- Sewage spills into our rivers. The water companies must be held accountable

- More tolerance of race, LGBT+, and migrant issues.

- I feel as a society, we don't do enough to support those disabled in our communities to offer them the same  opportunities that we are lucky to have

What car do you drive?

A Mercedes

What's your favourite film or TV show?

Godfather 1, Fist full of dollars

When was the last time you cried?

When I was about 16.

What's your stance on drug legalisation, and have you ever taken any drugs in your past?

I am open to a data-driven recommendation on this matter. The whole area is complex, and numerous factors have to be weighed up (some requiring long-term exposure to drugs to understand fully the impact) before a judicious decision can be made.

It's clear to me that drugs are primarily a health issue, and we need policies to reflect this, rather than driving the problem underground and into the hands of criminals.

I have never taken drugs.