Henry Wright, aged 25, is the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Reading Central constituency.

He is currently an NHS IT manager.

Claim to the area: 

I was born in the Royal Berks Hospital, grew up in Spencers Wood and now live in the centre of town by the hospital.

What are the three biggest challenges facing the people of Reading Central? 

The three biggest challenges are:

The cost of living - in Reading 40 per cent of disposable income is spent on housing costs - I want to fight this by building 380,000 more homes a year nationally with 150,000 of those being social homes. On the cost of living, we wouldn't raise income tax or VAT to avoid hitting hard-working families more.

The NHS - one of the biggest struggles is getting a GP appointment - the Lib Dems would recruit 8,000 more GPs and give people a right to see their GP within 24 hours if urgent or seven days if not.

The environment - we know that too much sewage is being pumped into our rivers. The Lib Dems would make polluting water companies pay by banning bonuses for water company bosses and turning water companies into public benefit companies.

What causes will you be championing if elected as an MP? 

I am passionate about eradicating poverty in the UK (and worldwide) so would champion anything that improves this, including scrapping the two-child benefit limit, scrapping the benefit cap and scrapping the bedroom tax.

What car do you drive? 

Volvo V40 Automatic - though I wish I'd gone for a Manual!

What's your favourite film or TV show?

I love Pixar's Inside Out and The Social Network (especially the title music for the latter)

When was the last time you cried? 

A few weeks ago, at my grandad's funeral.

What's your stance on drug legalisation, and have you ever taken any drugs in your past? 

I've never taken drugs, but I know that criminalising drug users just drives the problems underground, particularly to the gangs who groom children to become drug mules. I back a legal market for Cannabis and moving responsibility for drugs from the Home Office to the Department of Health and Social Care.