Dave McElroy is a husband, father and councillor who is standing as the Green candidate for the Reading Central constituency.

Giving his age as "41 and a bit years old" Councillor McElroy was re-elected as a Green representative for Redlands ward earlier this year.

He is also Head of Standards at an NGO dedicated to ethical farm standards.

Claim to the area:

I have lived in Reading since 2017 and a councillor in Redlands Ward since 2021. Both my kids have been born here.

What are the three biggest challenges facing the people of Reading Central?  

"(1) People cannot get a doctor's appointment or decent social care, (2) there are no affordable homes, just thousands of tiny expensive flats and (3) you can't escape the noise and smell of cars, which is basically the only way to get around Reading."

What causes will you be championing if elected as an MP?

A: "Getting the country out of the economic rut created by the main parties, climate action and as a voice for peace and justice at home and abroad."

What car do you drive?

A: "I mostly get around on my bike, though I use my wife's second hand 2013 Lexus every now and then."

What's your favourite film or TV show?

A: "I like all sorts of films, we have an old school DVD-by-post subscription in our house. Beyond that I watch Pointless while cooking dinner every night..."

When was the last time you cried?

A: "It is not my story to tell here, but it was when someone recently died very unfairly."

What's your stance on drug legalisation, and have you ever taken any drugs in your past?

"Ha, this is a very spicy meatball you have served up here!

"We would recognise drugs are a public health issue and work towards decriminalisation.

"I'm not going to lie (which has to count for something!), I did sample a couple of things in my distant past but to be honest I didn't find anything worth doing twice.

"If anything I'm addicted to Pickled Onion Monster Munch."