Cab drivers are pushing for access to a bus lane along one of the main roads in Reading.

The A33 is a major road that runs through Reading taking drivers to and from the town centre and Whitley to Basingstoke and beyond.

The road is used by thousands of drivers every day, with a bus lane on the A33 running between Rose Kiln Lane and Junction 11 of the M4.

Now cab drivers are pushing for access to the bus route.

A petition signed by 231 people has asked Reading Borough Council to allow cab drivers access to the bus lane and was presented at a recent meeting.

Asif Rashid, the chairman of the Reading Taxi Association, submitted the petition, and pointed out that it is the only bus lane cab drivers don’t have access to.

Asif Rashid, chairman of the Reading Taxi Association.Asif Rashid, chairman of the Reading Taxi Association. (Image: Reading Borough Council)

Speaking at the meeting, Mr Rashid said: “We use that [the A33] frequently.

“I know it’s there for the buses but there’s hardly any buses using it.

“Most of the time they are empty. We have customers going that way, we get stuck in traffic, unlike the private hire we’re not fixed rate, we’re on the metre.

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“When we’re stuck in traffic, one of the public always says to us ‘why can’t you use that bus lane? You can use all the others, but not this one, why?’

“We’re not allowed to.”

The petition was presented to the council’s traffic management sub-committee on Thursday, June 13.

The committee agreed that the council’s highways officers consider the request and report their recommendations to a future meeting.