A drug dealer has been jailed after police seized almost £22,000 of cannabis, ketamine, cocaine and MDMA from a flat rented by him.

Marley Martin, 24, from Romford, used the apartment in Thatcham to stock a vast stash of illegal drugs.

Reading Crown Court heard yesterday (June 26) that his scheme was only foiled following a routine police stop.

Recorder Tom Restall, sentencing Martin, said: "On February 6 this year, the police stopped you and found on you a short joint of cannabis, £380 in cash, and some keys."

It transpired that the keys were for a flat in Richmond Avenue in Thatcham.

Despite the tiny quantity of cannabis found on Martin, officers went ahead and searched his property - where they made a shocking discovery.

In the flat, Martin was stocking Class A and B drugs bound for sale, with a total street value of around £21,800.

Recorder Restall said that the operation was highly professional - although the defendant has insisted he played a 'lesser role,' and was answering to higher-ups.

The judge stated: "The keeping of an inventory suggests some management functions over several weeks in what was a commercial operation."

Martin pleaded guilty on four charges of being concerned in the supply of drugs.

Record Restall handed him a suspended sentence, noting that he had been assessed as posing a 'low risk' of reoffending.

He also said Martin had shown 'genuine remorse' for his criminal activities.

The defendant was given a two-year suspended sentence, including 250 hours of unpaid work.

He must also complete 26 days of rehabilitation activities.